Alice Light
Alice Light
designer | creative producer | community builder


Events | Activism | community building


Bringing people together is one of the most important things we can do.  Whether to support causes we care about, build community, or take a stand, Alice is passionate about creating gatherings that bring impact, meaning, and inspiration to the people who attend. 

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web design | Logo design | graphic Design

How we share our brand and vision with the world is a key to communicating what we're up to. Alice works with individuals to create websites and graphic materials that clearly express what they do, create, and offer. Collaboration is one of her superpowers, and she loves the process of teasing out how to best share a person's greatest gifts with their audience. She also uses visual design to convey messages around activism, equal rights, and political issues that she cares about.    

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Urban Design | Interior Design & STYLING | Space Design


Alice practiced architecture / urban design / space design for over ten years. As former Director of Community Planning at a local non-profit, she believes that serving community needs and providing quality amenities are key components of equitable development, and can be achieved with design and policy decisions.

She also believes that thoughtful design can improve our daily lives by providing calm and ease. Her indoor and outdoor projects and styling work has been featured in numerous photo shoots.